Roseland Windsor

Adventure librarian



Name Concept Auspice
Roseland Windsor adventure librarian ragabash
Player Pack Name Tribe
Merrilee Pack Name silver fang
Chronicle Pack Totem Breed
egypt boar homid


Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 1
Manipulation 2 Charisma 3 Appearance 3
Intelligence 4 Wits 3 Perception 3

Renoun and other Traits

Willpower Rage Gnosis
5 2 2
Temporary Glory Temporary Honor Temporary Wisdom
0 2 8
Permanent Glory Permanent Honor Permanent Wisdom
0 1 2


Academics Computer Enigma Expert Knowledge Investigation Law Medicine Occult Rituals Science Technology
4 Egyptology 1 3 0 1 0 0 4 egypt spirits 2 0 0
Alertness Athletics Brawl Empathy Expression Intimidation Hobby Talents Leadership Primal Urge Streetwise Subterfuge
1 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Animal Ken Crafts Drive Etiquette Firearms Larceny Melee Performance Professional Skill Survival Stealth
1 1 0 2 1 3 1 0 0 1 2
Merit Cost Description Page number
natural linguistics 2 +3 to spoken or reading language rolls 476
Language (Arabic) 1 considered fluent in this language 475
Language (ancient Egyptian) 1 considered fluent in this language 475
Camp Goodwill (House Wiseheart) 1 -1 difficulty to all social rolls 479
Gifts Rank Description Page number
master of fire 1 treat fire as bashing 152
infectious laugh 1 cause everyone to forget what they’re angry about 161
lambit flame 1 illuminate 100 foot area for 1 willpower, all attacks suffer -1 193
Sense Gift 1 The player rolls Perception + Enigmas. The difficulty is based on the strength and subtlety of the magic. They cannot tell the exact nature of the magic, although vague clues such as “Gaian” or “blood magic” might be granted with sufficient successes. The radius is 10 feet per success. 196
Rites Rank Description Page number
rite of the questing stone 1 may find any person or object through scrying 211
Background Rank Description Page number
Pure Breed 4 add 1 for each dot for all social rolls w/garou 138
Rites 1 strength of rites known 139
fetish 1 strength/number of fetishes 221
totem 1 power of pack totem Page number
Fetish Rank Gnosis Description Page number
magpie’s swag 1 6 bag able to hold x3 the size, no weaver objects unless bound by rite Page number
Flaws Rank Description Page number
Harono Prone 4 once per session may have to spend willpower Page number
Curiosity 2 have to roll willpower when engaged w/something interesting Page number
Clumsy 1 once per session athletics roll may fail GM
Experience 29

● half English half Egyptian
●48 in line for the English crown
●parents married for love, though the decision has caused some trouble they don’t regret it
●father werewolf, mom wiseheart kinfolk
●Roseland has a lot of Issues w/England’s imperial past and silver fang’s record of bad, bad choices
●sometimes has trouble sleeping, gets so caught up in worries that the garou are Losing and what that means for Gaia
●very interested in Egypt spirits, the history of the wiseheart clan, and ancient Egyptian civilizations, garou or otherwise
●wants to learn more about her roots, afraid she’ll be an outsider forever
●has had to deal with lots and lots of racism, thanks England!
●demi romantic pansexual
●has always gone to The Best Schools and been at the top of her class
●might have slight inferiority complex?
●purple eyes, built like an Olympic tennis player, long black hair
○○○○ is more on the ‘vaguely ethnic’ side, unless you know in advance you probably wouldn’t know she’s part Egyptian; could be white w/a tan, Latina, etc.
● has small tattoo of the Wadjet
● has known about werewolves whole life
● was sent to Egypt while working on doctorate by parents
● is not exactly in exhile, but is being kept out of the way while house gleaming eye ‘investigates’ possible wyrm taint in house
● is completely okay with that bc EGYPT
● was rarely allowed to leave country while growing up
● not taken as seriously as she should by by academic community
● Chase Miller III was academic rival in collage
○○○○ Roseland hasn’t thought of him in years and is glad of it
● was stalked by ex boyfriend in high school
● communists revolutionary fianna collage girlfriend taught her how to pick locks
○○○ Fiona left one day and never came back, no note or explanation.
●Always wears long necklace with smooth, sandstone pendant
○○ stone used to be part of Egyptian temple that broke/fell off a long time ago, shaped like a tear drop
○○○ used in rite of questing stone
● was taught fencing, shooting, and falconry to be part of the peerage
● thinks she’s the star of a feelgood movie about overcoming adversity and overwhelming odds or a tragedy of doing everything you can in the face of oblivion, unsure which yet
● wait til my father hears about this

Roseland Windsor

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